Answering Your Questions About Foam

What you know about foam can improve your purchasing choices. At The Foam Centre in Burlington, we’ve encountered quite a few questions regarding foams, cushions, and much more. We’ve decided to answer some commonly asked questions here for you. If you have more specific questions regarding your renovation or home improvement needs, please call us or come into our Burlington store.

How do I cut foam at home?

It’s important to be careful and safe. We suggest using a serrated bread knife or an electric carving knife. However, we strongly suggest that you do not use hot wires.

How long does it take to have my sofa cushions cut or replaced?

Sofa cushions usually take 3-4 days and having some foam cut can depend on the day. Saturdays are busy and getting foam cut might not happen the same day. The best idea is to come see us first thing in the morning, do your errands, and then come back to pick up.

Can I bring my chair into the store?

The fastest way to get some foam cut is to bring in a template made out of heavy paper or to bring in your stripped-down dining room seat. If we have to make a template for you, it will take longer.

Can someone come out to my vehicle to measure if my foam purchase will fit?

We are happy to do this by appointment, since we can then assign the right person to perform this task. Unfortunately, our store staff is not authorized to do this.

What can I do if my cat has peed on my sofa cushion?

For hygiene reasons, please don’t bring the cushion into the store. Instead, please bring in an identical cushion that isn’t soiled, or bring measurements or a template. Always remember to measure the actual foam for thickness and not the cover. Or you can give us a call beforehand and we can guide you through this.

Will you cut my old foam mattress?

For hygiene reasons, we don’t do this. However you can easily do this at home with an electric carving knife or a serrated bread knife. Please remember to be careful and safe.

What does foam density mean and why is it important?

Foam density refers to its weight. Foam density is often confused with foam firmness, which refers to its compression strength. You can have soft dense foam or firm dense foam. Density is important because dense foam means that it will last longer.

How can I extend the life of my mattress?

Mattresses over time can collect dirt, sweat, and dust mites. However, you can reduce this problem by using a high-quality mattress pad. Washing the mattress pad in hot water can kill any dust mites in it. You can also extend the life of your mattress by flipping it every six months or so. There are clear times when you should replace your mattress, such as when it becomes uncomfortable or shows clear signs of being worn down.

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