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The Foam Centre offers a wide array of foam supplies for Burlington-area residents who want to bring the bounce back into their foam-filled furniture. Whether you’re considering sofa cushion replacements for your treasured leather sofa, or you want to start fresh with new patio cushions, The Foam Centre can help. Stop by our shop to see samples and to discuss your needs.

Foam Cushions

Cut-to-Size Foam Cushions

For dining seats, kitchen chair seats, bar stools or benches, bring your templates, measurements, or the board from your dining room seats and we can cut your foam. We might need a little time to get the job done, but we will cut the foam according to your needs. We can apply terylene for a softer, more rounded look. And for the complete look, we have many beautiful fabric samples to compare from plain and patterned, geometric and floral.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are a versatile option for every situation, such as the:

  • Cottage 
  • Boat
  • Guest room
  • University dorm room

They are available in single, double, queen and can be ordered in any size or thickness. The Foam Centre will sew a percale cover with an extra-long zipper in any size for your foam mattress. We offer the best in versatility.

Come to The Foam Centre for foam mattress toppers. We have memory foam mattress toppers and more.

Patio Cushions

Whether your patio chair cushions just need new foam or beautiful new Sunbrella covers, The Foam Centre can help. Bring your old cushions and your ideas in to see our staff – they will be happy to guide you through the process.

Sofa Cushion Replacements

When the foam in your upholstered furniture is worn down and needs replacement, come and see the staff at The Foam Centre. We will measure your existing cushions to determine the correct foam size and also how the terylene should be used to make your cushion look its best. Getting the new, improved cushions back to you usually takes 3-4 days. If we need to order foam in to meet your needs, it could take approximately a week.

Other Products

In addition to cushions and mattresses, we also provide pillow stuffing and upholstery supplies, among other products in our Burlington store.


We have fibre or feather toss pillows that you can cover yourself. We also carry upholstery fabric and Sunbrella fabric pillows covered by us. Max pillows are available for sleeping uses. These pillows are washable.


Made from high-density foam, these wedges are made for sitting. They’re great for cars, especially for passengers after they’ve had a hip or knee replacement. Ask your healthcare professional for more details.

We also have various thicknesses of firm foam that customers can use for a variety of health-related issues.

Upholstery Supplies

At The Foam Centre, we have a selection of upholstery supplies, such as decorative upholstery tacks, zipper by the yard, tacking strips or piping cord for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

About Foam

Foam is a versatile, widely used and extremely useful substance that can offer firm support when it is needed, but it is also soft, soothing and comfortable in everyday use. Whatever shape or size you need, foam can be cut, angled or glued so that it is tailored perfectly to do the job.

Foam is an excellent material for making new cushions, or to refurbish and revitalize older ones. Foam is found in every room in the house, from bedroom to basement, and away from home, too, at the cottage, while camping, on the boat, and in the recreational vehicle. Foam brings comfort and support wherever you need it.

Density and Compression

When purchasing foam, there are two basic qualities to consider: density and compression. Density is the weight of the foam, so the heavier the foam the better quality, and therefore, durability of the foam. Compression is the relative softness or firmness of the foam. You can select the foam that best suits your preferences.

Understanding the Different Grades of Foam

The numbers associated with each different grade of foam tells its story. Each grade has a four digit number; the first two digits represent the density (weight) and the second two digits represent the compression rating. For example, the grade number “2550,” which is our sofa cushion-grade foam, has “25” as its first two digits and represents a density/weight of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot. The second two digits, “50,” represent the compression rating. In short, the higher the density (first two digits), the higher the quality of the foam and the higher the compression (second two digits), the firmer the foam.

Pricing Foam

Foam pricing is based on a “board foot” calculation, which is a measurement of volume. One board foot is equal to 12” X 12” X 1”. To calculate the board footage of a piece of foam, take the Length X Height X Width and divide it by 144, and then multiply by the price per board foot. For example, a piece of foam intended for use in a sofa cushion might be 4” X 24” X 24”. That is a total of 16 board feet, and if, as an example, the price were $2.30 per board foot the cost would be $36.80. Whatever your foam needs, the staff at the Foam Centre will be happy to assist you in selecting the right foam for the job.

Pricing Calculation: 4” x 24” x 24” = 2,304 (divided by 144) = 16 (x $2.30 per board foot) = $36.80

Do you have questions about any of our products? Please call or come visit us in our Burlington store! You won’t believe the heights of comfort until you have felt it.



The Foam Centre carries a multitude of quality brands. Below are some of the major brands we offer:

Get Better Sleep

Get Better Sleep

Come into our store and talk to our staff about products to help you improve your sleep.

Questions About Foam?

Questions About Foam?

We answer some commonly asked questions about foam and more.

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